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December 7, 2022

April 3, 2023

February 16, 2024


Bridges / Tunnels


Public - State/Provincial

Paving, Site Work


Multiple Locations, New Haven, CT





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Site work and paving for a bridge / tunnel in New Haven, Connecticut. Completed plans call for site work for a bridge / tunnel; and for paving for a bridge / tunnel.

*As of February 10, 2023, a general contractor has been awarded. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2023. State Project Number(s) & Description: Project No. 0170-3320; Rehabilitation of Pan Am Railroad Bridge Nos. 04234R, 09100R, 00600R & 09101R Required Prequalification Work Classification(s): Group Nos. 09 - Intermediate Bridges Federal-aid Project Number(s) & Funding Source: : State 100% Pre-Bid Conference and/or Site Visit Information: N/A District Number(s) : 5 - New Haven Contract DBE % Goal or SBE % Set-Aside: SBE 10% MBE (17.9%), WBE (6.9%), SBE (10%) Project Scope Code: I - $ 10,000,000 - $ 14,999,999 Completion Date : 382 Calendar Days Liquidated Damages Rate: 4,300.00 Days DBE Submittal Requirements - The two (2) lowest bidder's DBE Commitment Approval Request form(s) meeting the established DBE contract goal percentage or Good Faith Effort (GFE) Application Request including all "backup" documentation, as applicable, are due to the Department no later than five (5) calendar days after the bid opening. It is highly recommended that all bidders complete the required documentation during their bid preparation process in order to meet the DBE submittal requirement. If not received on time your bid may be rejected as provided by Section XI of the Construction Contract Bidding and Award Manual. SBE Submittal Requirements - The low bidder's SBE Commitment Approval Request form(s) meeting the established SBE set-aside percentage or Request for Waiver application are due to the Department no 736later than five (5) calendar days after the bid opening. It is highly recommended that all bidders complete the required documentation during their bid preparation process in order to meet the SBE submittal requirement. If not received on time your bid may be rejected as provided by Section XI of the Construction Contract Bidding and Award Manual. Prequalification Requirements: Prospective bidders must be prequalified with the Department of Transportation and have on file a sworn Statement (CON 16) by the time of the bid. In order to help ensure that prospective bidders may become prequalified in time for the bid opening for a given contract, contractors should be certain to return the Prequalification Application (CON 16) with all necessary information, signatures and notarized documents, to the DOT Contracts Unit at least thirty (30) calendar days before requesting a bid proposal form for that contract. Bid Proposal Forms: All prospective bidders requesting to obtain the official Bid Proposal Form must submit a completed Bid Proposal Request Form (Part C) to the DOT Contracts Unit per the above instructions. If the Bid Proposal Request Form (Part C) and the Contractor Prequalification Application are found to be satisfactory, the bidder will receive an email response from the Department instructing the bidder to download the electronic Bid Proposal Form Bid Bond Security: Except when otherwise specified in the bid documents, no proposal will be considered unless; (a) it is accompanied by a proposal guaranty from a surety company in the form of the Department s (CTDOT) standard bid bond form furnished by the Department, as may be revised, satisfactory to the Commissioner, in an amount equal to at least 30% of the amount of the bid; or (b) the bidder has on file in the Contract Section a current Department (CTDOT) standard annual bid bond form, satisfactory to the Commissioner, on the form furnished by the Department. DOT encourages bidders to file an Annual Bid Bond with the Department so that the bidder does not have to submit a bid bond each time they bid on a specific project/proposal. At the time of the bid opening, the surety must be a corporate surety licensed by the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Connecticut and must hold a Certificate of Authority as an acceptable Surety and/or Reinsuring Company acceptable to the Federal Department of Treasury. The surety's underwriting limitation must not be less than the full amount required by the bond itself. Pre-Bid Questions and Answers: Questions pertaining to DOT advertised construction projects must be presented through the CTDOT Pre-Bid Q and A Website. The Department cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered prior to the bid date. Please Note - at 9:00 am Monday (i.e. typical Wednesday Bid Opening) the project(s) being bid will be closed for questions, at which time questions can no longer be submitted through the Q and A Website. Answers may be provided by the Department up to 12:00 noon, the day before the bid. At this time, the Q and A for those projects will be considered final, unless otherwise stated and/or the bid is postponed to a future date and time to allow for further questions and answers to be posted. If a question needs to be asked the day before the bid date, please contact the Contracts Unit staff and email your question to immediately. Prevailing Wage Rates: The minimum rates to be paid labor of the various classifications shall be in accordance with current schedule of wages established by the State Labor Commissioner as provided in the Connecticut General Statutes, as revised. The Contract Wage Certification Form is to be submitted to the Labor Commissioner before the award of the contract. The Department, prior to the awarding of any contract, may require further financial and other information from any applicant who becomes the low bidder for that contract. The Commissioner of Transportation reserves the right to reject any and all bids. CTDOT - Rehabilitation of Pan Am Railroad Bridge Numbers 04234R, 09100R, 00600R and 09101R *The value for this project is based on a financial range. The value is listed as the highest possible cost from the range provided by a stakeholder or official project document.

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