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January 12, 2023

February 3, 2023



Public - State/Provincial

Service, Maintenance and Supply


Multiple Locations, Santa Ana, CA

Documents for this project are exclusively Specifications. If Plans become available, we will add them here.


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This is a service / maintenance or supply contract in Santa Ana, California. Contact the soliciting agency for additional information.

For Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services within Orange County Contractor agrees to provide to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) all labor, tools, materials, parts, equipment (excluding filters) and incidentals necessary to test, inspect, repair and provide preventative maintenance to the existing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to keep it functioning properly, also referred to as the Air Handling Unit (AHU) and the Air-Cooled Screw Chillers (ASC), as described herein: The documents and files attached to this solicitation do not have any updates for digital accessibility at this time. Updates will be applied as soon as they are available. For an accessible version of solicitation documents published on this page, please submit a request to or call (833) 713-2922. As required by Executive Order S-02-06, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is committed to meeting the State's 25 percent (25%) Small Business (SB) participation goal. Certified SBs, Micro Businesses (MB), SBs for the purpose of Public Works (SB-PW), and contractors willing to commit to subcontracting a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of their net bid price to certified SBs, MBs (if applicable), or SB-PWs, are encouraged to submit bids. The DVBE Participation Program applies, and a three percent (3%) goal is required for this IFB. The DVBE Incentive Program may also apply to this IFB. See Section D, Special Programs, Item 2, in this IFB for requirements. The designated contact person for this IFB is: Brenda Bweupe California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Email address: Phone: (279) 234-2384 Written Question Submittal 12/28/2022 5:00 p.m. Questions regarding this IFB must be submitted in writing. Bidders are encouraged to submit their written questions via e-mail Proposed Award Date (estimate) 1/26/2023 Written questions must include: the individual's name, firm name, complete address and must reference IFB No. 12A2047. Questions must be sent to one of the following: Email: Or mail to: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Division of Procurement and Contracts Attention: Brenda Bweupe 1727 30th Street, MS 65 Sacramento, CA 95816 Written responses to all questions will be collectively compiled and posted, as an Addendum electronically State General Prevailing Wage Rates will apply for the County of Orange as described in the attached Proposed Form of Agreement (Attachment 14). The predetermined general prevailing wage rates published by the Director of Industrial Relations may be obtained via electronically or by contacting the Contract Analyst listed on the first page of this solicitation. It is the bidder's responsibility to use the correct classification determination published by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). Bidder must have, at time of bid submittal and for the duration of the contract, a valid, current C-20 Warm-Air, Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Contractor license issued by the CSLB, for the type of work to be performed. Bidder shall obtain, pay for, and maintain, in good standing, all necessary licenses and permits to accomplish the work. Bidders will be considered non-responsive unless proper licensing requirements are met. An invalid license will result in rejection of the bid. Positive verification of a valid license issued by the CSLB will be performed by Caltrans (Bus. and Prof. Code Section 7028.15). Bidder's Bond (ADM-2010) is required for Bids $388,000 and greater: Bidder shall submit a *bid bond (executed by an admitted surety insurer) with bid as described herein. The bidder's bid bond shall be no less than 10 percent (10%) of bidder's total bid, must be notarized and include the embossed surety seal, and must include a Power of Attorney if the signee is not an officer of the surety. Submittal of a bid bond that is not in the appropriate amount, signed and stamped with the surety seal, or failure to submit a bid bond, shall be cause for rejection of bid. *The bidder may also submit, in lieu of a Bidder's Bond, one of the following forms of bidder's security: cash, cashier's check, or certified check made payable to Caltrans. Refer to Attachment 11. The Bidder's Bond can also be downloaded Payment Bond Requirement: The successful bidder will be required to provide, prior to commencement of work under a Service Request price, a Payment Bond for one hundred percent (100%) of the total Service Request, if the Service Request price exceeds $25,000. The Payment Bond is not required at the time of bid submittal; however, it is required, as applicable, prior to the start date of the Service Request The mailing package/envelope should be labeled as follows: YOUR RETURN ADDRESS Agreement No. 12A2047 Bid Due Date: 1/5/2023 Bid Due Time: 2:00 p.m. Bid Opening Date: 1/5/2023 Bid Opening: 2:30 p.m. Attention: Brenda Bweupe California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Division of Procurement and Contracts ATTN: Bid Unit 1727 30th Street, 4th Floor, MS 65 Sacramento, CA 95816-7006 Note: All packages not clearly or properly labeled as indicated below, including overnight mail and hand delivered packages, may be rejected. A bidder may withdraw a bid by, prior to bid opening, submitting a written withdrawal request to Caltrans, signed by the bidder or an agent authorized in accordance above. A bidder may thereafter submit a new bid prior to the bid submittal deadline. Bids may not be withdrawn without cause subsequent to bid submittal deadline. Caltrans reserves the right to reject all bids for reasonable cause

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