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July 10, 2023

August 9, 2023


Fire / Police


Public - City



110 W 5th St, Sterling, IL

Documents for this project are exclusively Specifications. If Plans become available, we will add them here.

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Renovation of a fire / police facility in Sterling, Illinois. Completed plans call for the renovation of a fire / police facility.

DESCRIPTION A. The Sterling Fire Department #1 is located in Sterling, IL. Michael Dettman, Project Manager/Coordinator, is the Owner's Representative and may be contacted regarding any questions or for a pre-bid job site inspection, phone 815-632-6680. B. The project consists of installing Versico's VersiGard 60 mil Black EPDM Adhered Roofing System as outlined below: Apply the Fully Adhered EPDM Roofing System in conjunction with Securhield HD over the existing EPDM roof. Roof to be installed per manufacturer specifications and will qualify and receive a 20 year 72 mph NDL warranty with a contractor 2 year workmanship guarantee. 1.02 EXTENT OF WORK A. Provide all labor, material, tools, equipment, and supervision necessary to complete the installation of aVersiGard 60 mil EPDM membrane Fully Adhered Roofing System including flashings and insulation as specified herein and in accordance with the manufacturer's most current specifications and details. N B. The roofing contractor shall be fully knowledgeable of all requirements of the contract documents and shall make themselves aware of all job site conditions that will affect their work. C. The roofing contractor shall confirm all given information and advise the building owner, prior to bid, of any conflicts that will affect their cost proposal. D. Any contractor who intends to submit a bid using a roofing system other than the approved manufacturer must submit for pre-qualification in writing fourteen 14 days prior to the bid date. Any contractor who fails to submit all information as requested will be subject to rejection. Bids stating "as per plans and specs" will be unacceptable. 1.03 SUBMITTALS A. Prior to starting work, the roofing contractor must submit the following: 1. Shop drawings showing layout, details of construction and identification of materials. 2. Sample of the manufacturer's Total Systems Warranty covering all components of the roofing system. 3. Submit a letter of certification from the manufacturer which certifies the roofing contractor is authorized to install the manufacturer's roofing system and lists foremen who have received training from the manufacturer along with the dates training was received. 4. Certification of the manufacturer's warranty reserve. B. Upon completion of the installed work, submit copies of the manufacturer's final inspection report to the specifier prior to the issuance of the manufacturer's warranty. 1.04 PRODUCT DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING A. Deliver materials to the job site in the manufacturer's original, unopened containers or wrappings with the manufacturer's name, brand name and installation instructions intact and legible. Deliver in sufficient quantity to permit work to continue without interruption. B. Comply with the manufacturer's written instructions for proper material storage. 1. Store materials between 60F and 80F in dry areas protected from water and direct sunlight. If exposed to lower temperature, restore to 60F minimum temperature before using. 2. Store materials containing solvents in dry, well ventilated spaces with proper fire and safety precautions. Keep lids on tight. Use before expiration of their shelf life. C. Insulation and underlayment products must be on pallets, off the ground and tightly covered with waterproof materials. Manufacturer's wrap does not provide sufficient waterproofing. Insulation and underlayment products that become wet or saturated are to be discarded. D. Any materials which are found to be damaged shall be removed and replaced at the contractor's expense. 1.05 WORK SEQUENCE A. Schedule and execute work to prevent leaks and excessive traffic on completed roof sections. Care should be exercised to provide protection for the interior of the building and to ensure water does not flow beneath any completed sections of the membrane system. B. Do not disrupt activities in occupied spaces. 1.06 USE OF THE PREMISES A. Before beginning work, the roofing contractor must secure approval from the building owner's representative for the following: Areas permitted for personnel parking. Access to the site. Areas permitted for storage of materials and debris. 4. Areas permitted for the location of cranes, hoists and chutes for loading and unloading materials to and from the roof. B. Interior stairs or elevators may not be used for removing debris or delivering materials, except as authorized by the building superintendent. 1.07 EXISTING CONDITIONS If discrepancies are discovered between the existing conditions and those noted on the drawings, immediately notify the owner's representative by phone and solicit the manufacturer's approval prior to commencing with the work. Necessary steps shall be taken to make the building watertight until the discrepancies are resolved. Any conditions which are not shown on the shop drawings should be indicated on a copy of the shop drawing and included with bid submittal if necessary to clarify any conditions not shown. 1.09 TEMPORARY FACILITIES AND CONTROLS A. Temporary Utilities: 1. Water, power for construction purposes and lighting are available at the site and will be made available to the roofing contractor. 2. Provide all hoses, valves and connections for water from source designated by the owner when made available. 3. When available, electrical power should be extended as required from the source. Provide all trailers, connections and fused disconnects. B. Temporary Sanitary Facilities Sanitary facilities will not be available at the job site. The roofing contractor shall be responsible for the provision and maintenance of portable toilets or their equal. C. Building Site: 1. The roofing contractor shall use reasonable care and responsibility to protect the building and site against damages. The contractor shall be responsible for the correction of any damage incurred as a result of the performance of the contract. D. Security: Obey the owner's requirements for personnel identification, inspection and other security measures. 1.10 JOB SITE PROTECTION A. The roofing contractor shall adequately protect building, paved areas, service drives, lawn, shrubs, trees, etc. from damage while performing the required work. Provide canvas, boards and sheet metal (properly secured) as necessary for protection and remove protection material at completion. The contractor shall repair or be responsible for costs to repair all property damaged during the roofing application. B. During the roofing contractor's performance of the work, the building owner will continue to occupy the existing building. The contractor shall take precautions to prevent the spread of dust and debris, particularly where such material may sift into the building. The roofing contractor shall provide labor and materials to construct, maintain and remove necessary temporary enclosures to prevent dust or debris in the construction area(s) from entering the remainder of the building. C. Do not overload any portion of the building, either by use of or placement of equipment, storage of debris, or storage of materials. D. Protect against fire and flame spread. Maintain proper and adequate fire extinguishers. E. Take precautions to prevent drains from clogging during the roofing application. Remove debris at the completion of each day's work and clean drains, if required. At completion, test drains to ensure the system is free running and drains are watertight. Remove strainers and plug drains in areas where work is in progress. Install flags or other telltales on plugs. Remove plugs each night and screen drain. F. Store moisture susceptible materials above ground and protect with waterproof coverings. G. Remove all traces of piled bulk materials and return the job site to its original condition upon completion of the work. 1.11 SAFETY The roofing contractor shall be responsible for all means and methods as they relate to safety and shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal requirements that are safety related. Safety shall be the responsibility of the roofing contractor. All related personnel shall be instructed daily to be mindful of the full time requirement to maintain a safe environment for the facility's occupants including staff, visitors, customers and the occurrence of the general public on or near the site. 1.12 WORKMANSHIP A. Contractors installing new roof, flashing and related work shall be factory trained and approved by the manufacturer they are representing. B. All work shall be of highest quality and in strict accordance with the manufacturer's published specifications and to the building owner's satisfaction. C. There shall be a supervisor on the job site at all times while work is in progress. D. All field seams and flashing details are to be completed according to manufacturer's specifications and details by the end of each work day. 1.13 QUALITY ASSURANCE The VersiGard 60 mil Black EPDM Roofing System must achieve a UL Class A The specified roofing assembly must have been successfully tested by a qualified testing agency to resist the design uplift pressures calculated according to International Building Code (IBC) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE 7) ANSI/SPRI WD-1 "Wind Design Standard Practice for Roofing Assemblies" The membrane must be manufactured by the material supplier. Manufacturer's supplying membrane made by others are not acceptable. The manufacturer must have a minimum of 30 years experience in the manufacturing of vulcanized, white or black, thermoset sheeting. Unless otherwise noted in this specification, the roofing contractor must strictly comply with the manufacturer's current specifications and details. The roofing system must be installed by an contractor authorized and trained by the manufacturer in compliance with shop drawings as approved by the manufacturer. The roofing contractor shall be thoroughly experienced and upon request be able to provide evidence of having at least five years successful experience installing single-ply EPDM roofing systems and having installed at least two EPDM roofing application or several similar systems of equal or greater size within one year. Provide adequate number of experienced workmen regularly engaged in this type of work who are skilled in the application techniques of the materials specified. Provide at least one thoroughly trained and experienced superintendent on the job at all times roofing work is in progress. There shall be no deviations made from this specification or the approved shop drawings without the prior written approval of the specifier. Any deviation from the manufacturer's installation procedures must be supported by a written certification on the manufacturer's letterhead and presented for the specifier's consideration. Upon completion of the installation, the contractor shall arrange for an inspection to be made by a non-sales technical representative of the membrane manufacturer in order to identify any needed corrective repairs that will be required for warranty issuance. Notify the building owner seventy-two (72) hours prior to the manufacturer's final inspection. Inspector shall be employed and trained by the manufacturer and have received product-specific training from the manufacturer of the products. The VersiGard EPDM Membrane exceeds 41,580 kJ/m2 under Xenon-Arc UV Light testing used for testing "Resistance to Outdoor (Ultraviolet) Weathering." (ASTM D 4637 Specification requires a 7560 kJ/m2 minimum total radiant exposure at 70 W/m2 irradiance at 176oF black panel temperature to pass.)The membrane shows no visible signs of cracking or crazing. The VersiGard EPDM Membrane exceeds 35,320 kJ/m2 under Xenon-Arc UV Light testing used for testing "Resistance to Outdoor (Ultraviolet) Weathering." (ASTM D 4637 Specification requires a 7560 kJ/m2 minimum total radiant exposure at 70 W/m2 irradiance at 176oF black panel temperature to pass.)The membrane shows no visible signs of cracking or crazing. VersiGard, VersiGard White, or VersiGard Reinforced EPDM Membranes achieves a zero (no growth) rating in the ASTM G21 test for fungi growth.

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