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August 4, 2023

September 4, 2023


Clubhouse / Community Centers

Public - City

Service, Maintenance and Supply


2701 4th St, Ceres, CA

Plans and Specifications are not available for this project. If that changes, they will be made available here.

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This is a service / maintenance or supply contract in Ceres, California. Contact the soliciting agency for additional information.

Questions regarding submissions, process or proposals can be directed to: Sally Estrada, Administrative Secretary Public Works Department 2220 Hackett Road Ceres, CA 95307-3600 (209) 538-5739 Sally. us The Ceres Community Center is a 27,000 square foot multi-use facility. The Community Center was built in 2009. The facility is used for classes, seminars, recreation programs, and facility rentals for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, large meetings, etc. There are two assembly halls, classrooms, meeting rooms, commercial kitchen, senior lounge, and the City Council Dais. Scope: The terms of this agreement will be for three (3) years. All terms, conditions, and pricing shall remain in effect for all three (3) years. Ceres Community Center Hours: For general public access for meetings, classes, programs, etc. o Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm o Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. o Sunday: Full Day Facility Rental - BVG Contract Hours subject to change based on programming, community needs, events, and City observed Holidays. For Possible Facility Rentals - o Monday - Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (an additional 90 minutes is allowed for breakdown and cleanup) All services shall be performed between 12:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless prior approval has been given by the City of Ceres Recreation Department. The Contractor shall schedule all work according to the weekly schedule sent out by the City. The Contractor understands that schedules are subject to change and the City will provide as much notification as possible Scope of Services, General Building Cleaning Services PLEASE COMPLETE QUOTE FOR BOTH SCENERIOS FOR ANY AREA WITH A REFERENCE TO SCHEDULE "A" OR "B" AND THE ADDITIONAL SERVICES. THIS WILL GIVE US THE OPTION TO EVALUATE FREQUENCY OF CLEANING VERSUS PRICING. 1. Daily: Schedule "A" 1.1.Interior Trash & Recyclables - Empty trash receptacles and replace liners daily, only replace liners if soiled or wet. Rinse out trash cans as needed. Exterior Trash - Empty trash receptacles and replace liners daily. Remove any trash from City parking lot (see map). Rinse out as needed. 1.1.1. All trash bags collected shall be transported in an approved rolling receptacle that will contain potential fluid spills from the bags. Bags are not to be drug across floor surfaces, nor shall they be stacked in piles awaiting pick up. All collected trash must be immediately removed from the building and placed in the appropriate dumpsters outside. 1.1.2. The contents of the blue recycle containers are to be collected, bagged, and placed in the appropriate recycle dumpster outside. 1.2.Restrooms - Fill and clean all soap, paper and sanitary dispensers. Empty clean and disinfect all waste receptacles, insert new liners. Empty sanitary napkin disposal containers, insert new liners. Clean and disinfect all wash basins, partitions, counters, and fixtures with a non-abrasive cleaner. Clean all mirrors, chrome, and stainless steel and polish to a shine. Wash and disinfect all toilets and urinals, removing stains and cleaning under rims and around flush holes. Clean and disinfect toilet seats, fixtures and all outside surfaces of urinals and toilets. Sweep and damp mop floors, corners, and edges with disinfectant detergent solution, changing mop water between each restroom throughout the building. Restroom shall remain odor free at all times. 1.3.Fabric Wall Panels - Special attention needs to be taken when cleaning wall panels. The panels are to be inspected daily and cleaned of any spots or stains. 1.4.Tri-Fold Towels - There are several tri-fold towel dispensers located throughout the building, these must be kept full at all times. 1.5. Hard Flooring Surfaces - Using a damp cloth, clean surfaces as needed. Special care shall be taken when working on Terrazzo flooring and the City Emblem at the entrance to the building and stairs. 1.6.Dust & Wipe Clean - Using a damp or treated cloth, clean: walls, partitions, counters, cabinets, desks, and tables. 1.7.Kitchen Area - The kitchen area is equipped with various Stainless Steel, commercial grade cooking and food preparation equipment, including stove & grill; ovens; convection oven; sinks; dishwasher; counters; drain boards; walk in refer; freezer, and counters. All kitchen equipment shall be cleaned and sanitized as they are used for events. All surfaces are to be kept free of dirt, dust, mildew, food residue, and fingerprints. Particular attention must be made to the legs and equipment stands that make contact with the floor. These must be cleaned daily and kept free of mop stains. Porcelain floor drain sinks must be clean and kept free of food and debris. 4 1.8.Glass Windows - All glass windows that are on the inside of the building that are located in the main lobby, conference rooms, meeting rooms, event rooms shall be cleaned, both sides including ledges and frames, daily and kept free of fingerprints and smudges. 1.10 Furniture - Inspect and spot clean all seating area chairs throughout the entire building. 1.11 Recreational Fitness Room - Hardwood floor to be cleaned daily per manufacturer's instruction. Hand railings to be cleaned with non-abrasive germicidal disinfectant. Remove smudges and fingerprints from wall mirrors. 1.12 Carpet Flooring - Schedule "A" Daily, Schedule "B" Weekly Vacuum all carpets with a commercial grade vacuum, utilizing a HEPA filtration system. The entire carpeted area shall be vacuumed, including under chairs, tables, and around furniture legs and other easily moved items. Return items to their original locations. Vacuum hard to reach areas, such as behind desks and furniture as needed. 2. Weekly: Schedule "A", Monthly Schedule "B" 2.1.Power Wash Front Entrance, Sidewalks & Dumpster Enclosure Areas - Power wash front entrance of the community center, which include entrances, surrounding sidewalks, and trash dumpster enclosure area. 3. Monthly - Schedule "A", Quarterly - Schedule "B" 3.1.Dust all ceilings, fans, window ledges, tops of fixtures and appliances, clean cobwebs through the entire building. 3.2.Clean and polish all doors, baseboards, and windowsills. 4. Quarterly - Schedule "A", Semi Annual Schedule "B" 4.1.Window Coverings - on a semi-annual basis, all window coverings shall be cleaned. 4.2.HVAC registers - Clean registers and diffuser vent covers. 4.3.Specialized Glass - In the main lobby and on the exterior walls of the building, specialized decorative glass has been placed, fully wash and clean. 4.4.Carpeted Floors - Shall be thoroughly cleaned and extracted. 4.5.Banquet Chairs - Deep clean all fabric banquet chairs (570-600 chairs) 5. Bi-Annual - Schedule "A", Annual Schedule "B" 5.1.All Chairs and Benches - Deep clean all event chairs, and all seating cloth chairs and benches throughout building. 5.2.Recreational Fitness Room - Strip and wax wood floor. 6. Additional Services 6.1.Extra Cleaning Fee - If any additional cleaning is needed in the large or small assemble after a rental, a quote cost per hour for cleaning will be provided. 6.2.The Bill must be sent within 72 hours as fees will need to be deducted from the Renter's deposit. If the City has not received notification of any additional fees 5 within that time, then it will assume there are none and proceed with the refund process. Deliverables 1. This project has an optional job walk, date and time shown below. 2. All references, requests for information or clarification for this project shall be in the form of an e-mail to 3. Response to all requests for information or clarification will be in the form of addenda. Addenda shall be e-mailed out by date as shown below. Addenda must be noted as received on bid summary. 4. Payment for this project shall be processed monthly. Contractor shall provide an annual cost for performing the custodial services as shown in the scope of work. Monthly invoice shall be evenly distributed monthly from the annual cost

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